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Perry’s Inverness Park Grocery

Perry’s Inverness Park Grocery

12301 Sir Francis Drake Blvd Inverness Park, California 94937

Perry's Inverness Park Grocery has expanded—now offering fresh made sandwiches, salads and specials prepared by Chef Ed Vigil. Stop in and see the transformation. Owner Dan Thompson added a beautiful new kitchen with a huge cooler, and partnered with Gail Coppinger providing a new home for Shorty's Organic Produce Stand. Old style deli sandwiches are still on the menu but now they are paired with organic, made fresh daily, salads, juices and smoothies. And now serving Tara's Organic Ice Cream! Pick up a 12 oz container, a TOIC Gluten Free Brownie Sandwich, or a TOIC POP. Enjoy

Available Flavors

Note: availability changes regularly. this page was last updated December 10, 4:29 PM