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Mayan Chocolate

A hint of chili gives this chocolate a bite! It is made with dark chocolate and the chili comes through on the finish. The Mayan civilization treated the cacao plant as sacred. It was used cerimoniously and as an offering to Rulers and Gods. They also drank this spiced chocolate for every meal every day.


  • Michelle Sonnenfeldt

    Michelle Sonnenfeldt

    I am really disappointed. I spent $9 for a pint of Mayan chocolate, the ice cream was way too spicy - it was unpleasant. I was really looking forward to a nice good chocolate and it burned my mouth. I had to gulp water and brush my teeth immediately afterwards.

    I would NOT describe this as a “hint” of chili!
    I had such high expectations and was looking forward to it.
    I guess I was expecting a Mexican chocolate with cinnamon, NOT something so spicy.

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